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life coach

by Celeste Rose

Celeste Rose

Empower Your Journey to Personal Growth

Guiding you towards a Life of Balance, Joy, and Fulfillment with ​a holistic coaching experience tailored to your unique needs.

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Certified Expertise

With specialized training in transformative methodologies, I am committed to providing expert

guidance on your journey.

Personalized Care

My empathetic approach ensures a ​deeply personalized experience, placing ​your well-being at the core of every ​coaching session.

Rewarding Results

Join a community of individuals

who I helped achieve tangible results.

I focus on creating positive, lasting change in your life.

Hello, I am Celeste!

Your Holistic Life Coach

Are you standing at a crossroads in life, feeling trapped in a cycle of anxiety, depression, and uncertainty? Perhaps you're excelling in your career, yet finding emptiness in your relationships. The struggle to find fulfillment leaves you seeking solace in unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol, food, retail therapy, or other unhealthy behaviors. Deep down, you know there has to be more to life than this.

I understand. I've walked a similar journey, facing my own battles with lack of fulfillment and unhealthy coping mechanisms. But let me assure you, there is a way forward. As your guide, I don't just offer coaching; I extend a hand to walk alongside you in reshaping limiting beliefs, reconnecting with your authentic self, and transforming your dreams into a thriving reality.

Why Trust Me?


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My Life’s Story

After achieving what society deems as success, I found myself anxious, depressed, and unfulfilled. This propelled me on a transformative journey of personal development. Through this process I have learned proven tools and strategies to find balance and fulfillment both personally and professionally, and you can too!

My Core Values

I believe in the power of transformation. Every individual possesses the strength to overcome challenges and create a life they love. As your coach, I am honored to walk beside you on this journey of self-discovery, offering guidance, support, and a roadmap to your best self. I want a life that reflects the brilliance within you.

My Services

Areas of expertise

Unlock the potential for positive change with my personalized coaching ​services designed to guide you through various aspects of life.

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Mindset & Motivation

Overcome Limitations: Break free from barriers that stop you.

Develop a Positive Mindset:: Foster optimism and resilience.

Goal Achievement: Strategize and actualize your aspirations.

Career Development

Career Transition: Navigate job changes with confidence.

Job Search: Develop effective ​approaches for securing jobs.

Professional Development:

Elevate your career trajectory.

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Overcoming Negativity: Break free from self-critical thoughts.

Developing a Positive Mindset: Foster belief in yourself.

Embrace Self-Love: Cultivate self-worth and inner happiness.

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Holistic Wellness

Finding Balance: Intuitive eating and mindful movement.

Stress Management: Embrace mindfulness and self-care.

Inner Peace: Find calm and reconnect with your inner self.

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Dating & Relationships

Relationship Redesign: Break unhealthy relationship patters.

Healthy Boundaries: Discover your non-negotiables.

Alignment: Transform your relationship with love.

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Sex & Intimacy

Overcoming Shame: Break free from sexual guilt and shame.

Rewrite your Story: Discover your authentic sexuality.

Self-Discovery: Enhance pleasure and intimacy.

Are you ready to take the first ​step towards a better you?

How it works

The 4 Easy Steps


Discovery Session

Begin with a personalized discovery session. We'll delve into your aspirations, challenges, and the vision you have for your life and relationships. This session lays the groundwork for a tailored coaching plan designed just for you.


Tailored Coaching Plan

Based on your goals and desires, we'll create a customized coaching plan. Whether you're focused on personal development, relationships, or wellness, this plan serves as your roadmap to success.


Weekly Coaching Sessions

Engage in weekly one-on-one coaching ​sessions where we dive into targeted ​discussions and strategies. These sessions ​provide a consistent space for growth, and ​actionable steps toward your goals.


Ongoing Support System

Beyond our regular sessions, enjoy continuous ​support and reflection. Periodic check-ins, ​progress assessments, and unlimited email ​support ensure that you stay on track and ​navigate challenges with confidence.


What my clients have to say

about working with me

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five star rating

Emily James

“Life-changing!! Celeste’s guidance helped me overcome self-critical thoughts.. I now have a newfound compassion and acceptance of myself and my body..”

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five star rating

David Turner

“Celeste’s coaching helped me release sexual shame with my wife. She is professional and intuitive. With her help, I am approaching intimacy with newfound confidence!

five star rating

Sarah Evans

"Exceptional! Celeste's wisdom and support helped me achieve career success. Grateful for a transformative experience. Highly recommend her coaching!"

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FAQ - Frequent Questions


How does coaching work?

Coaching involves personalized sessions, goal-setting, and strategies for growth. It's a collaborative process where a coach guides you toward achieving your goals and overcoming limiting beliefs.


How long are coaching sessions?

Sessions typically last 60 minutes, ensuring ample time ​for discussion, goal-setting, and personalized guidance. ​The duration provides a focused and impactful coaching ​experience.


Is coaching only for specific goals?

No, coaching is versatile. Whether you want to focus on improving your personal life, professional life, or overall wellbeing, coaching adapts to your unique goals. It's about empowering you to thrive in all aspects of life.


What makes your coaching unique?

My coaching is tailored, empathetic, and results-driven. With certifications is a variety of areas, I focus on your individual needs, providing a holistic approach to personal development, relationships, and overall well-being.


Can I choose multiple focuses?

Absolutely! My coaching is flexible to address various aspects— personal development, relationships, and overall wellbeing. We'll collaborate to create a tailored plan that aligns with your multifaceted goals.


How often should I schedule?

Frequency depends on your needs. Weekly sessions are ​common initially, then we adjust based on progress. ​Consistency enhances the coaching impact, ensuring ​sustained growth and development.

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life coach

by Celeste Rose

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